An intriguing career path, from police detective, to property renovation.. and now designer and creator of a brand of luxury overalls for fashion conscious. Vivienne has certainly proven to be very successful at everything she does, and we are delighted that she has now chosen to bring us My Overalls.

Ahead of their appearance at Scoop AW20, Scoop's founder and managing director Karen Radley, sat down with Vivienne Hegarty of My Overalls to find out more.

Can you share some insight into your fashion background?

I have no background in fashion at all! I had a career as a Police Officer with Suffolk Constabulary for twenty-five years. Nineteen of which were spent as a Detective, working in specialist departments. In 2002, I left my career and completed an interior design course at a local college and then I became heavily involved in property renovation. This included building our own house and renovating a Grade II listed Cottage in Norfolk.

Possibly the coolest actress on TV, and I am a huge fan! It was an absolute honour to see Vicky McClure wearing My Overalls at ‘Dementia Choir’ practice! Thank you so much! 


We were so thrilled to have been invited to do a Christmas Pop-up at Coes, the prestigious Independent Store in Ipswich. It was a great opportunity to showcase our new brand, and the perfect Store to do just that. 

Thank you ‘Fiona’ and all the staff who made that possible. It was a great weekend!